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Sales Manager: Jeff Roy

Giving Back to the Earth

Total Waste Management
and Landfill Diversion Services

It’s no secret. Humans make a lot of waste. And we’re running out of places to store it. That’s why Waste Diversion is so critical, given the environmental and climate challenges we face today.

At OrgaPro, we believe every piece of waste diverted from a landfill is another small step toward saving our planet.

It’s also good business – Every pound that doesn’t end up in your dumpsters saves real dollars in dumping fees.  So you can save money, and feel good while doing it, knowing you are taking real steps to help divert as much waste as possible from our local landfills.

Your Full-Service Waste Diversion Solution

Waste Analysis & Brokering Services

We’re much more than just a waste collection firm. From performing test collections, to our no-cost Waste Diversion Analysis, to detailed Waste Audits to ensure you are complying with provincial regulations, OrgaPro can help.



You CAN make a difference.

OrgaPro’s mission is to keep as much waste as possible out of landfills. By helping our customers manage their organics, recyclables, and e-waste, we reduce the amount of true waste they need to pay to have removed. Every pound diverted helps the environment. It’s responsible business.

We Care For Our Customers
Because Our Customers Care

Brick Oven Pizza

The second Roger & David found out a locally-owned organics company existed, they messaged us immediately about our services. Thank you, Brick Oven Pizza, for supporting local business and helping us look after planet Earth.

Earl & Angelo’s

John Cairns & Barb Davis are passionate about making sure their organic waste becomes compost, not landfill. That’s why Earl & Angelo’s was the first locally-owned restaurant to join the OrgaPro organics program. They are 100% about community, supporting local business, and protecting the environment. We are honoured to have such a great customer.

Book Your Waste Diversion Analysis Today

We’ll come visit your business and perform a basic analysis of how you manage your waste, and advise you what your next steps should be, from performing a full Waste Audit, to changing how you sort and manage your waste, helping you understand what your business needs to do in order to keep as much waste out of landfills as possible.

By calling OrgaPro, you can take the first steps toward showing your customers that you care about minimizing landfill waste. Because they care, and will be more likely to do business with you if they know you care, too.